About US

Edge Cosmetics products are 100% Australian owned, formulated, produced, packed, all-natural and certified Cruelty Free.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of toxic chemicals contained in regular cosmetics. Kylie’s mission was to develop and source products that she would confidently use herself at an affordable price for all consumers.

Established in 2011 after years of using products that we are told are NOT harmful nor toxic for our bodies, Kylie decided to invest several years and many hours into formulating and testing high-grade ingredients that are non-toxic and enhance the condition of our skin.  She started her career in the Beauty Industry over 30 years ago as a Makeup Artist/Beautician and then moving toward skin treatments.

With a range of products that include anti-aging bodies without the inclusion of parabens, synthetics or artificial additives included in many other popular brands, using our naturally nourishing skin care range, you'll see skin improvement as you continue to use our products.  With everyday wear Cosmetic products available that include SPF and anti-ageing bodies, you can use our products daily without the risk of harming your skin or filling your pores with harmful toxins, cancer causing fillers and bi-products.

Initially formulated to suit sensitive and problematic skin types, we are excited to announce the recent release of our VEGAN range. We are quietly confident you will find a product and range to suit your specific needs. 

With years of research into the benefits of her products, Kylie has detailed information on the benefits of these products and a full ingredient listing and their benefits of each product in her range.  For further detailed information feel free to email her directly at: edgecosmeticsandskincare@gmail.com or like her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=edge%20cosmetics%20-%20flawless%20beauty%20naturally